While Southwestern cuisine is a common staple today, 30 years ago Dean Fearing was on the cutting edge, creating gourmet dishes that incorporate flavors and spices that are indigenous to Texas. Best of Guide TV Host, Nancy Jay, had the exclusive opportunity to visit with Chef and Owner of Fearing’s Restaurant, Dean Fearing, as he shares with viewers his rise to culinary fame and success.

Growing up in the kitchen with his two grandmothers in Kentucky, whom Dean refers to as the “true country cooks,” Dean learned a love for cooking and for Southern classics. Dean explains how he is able to use fond memories of his family to inspire his creations of the beloved Southwest cuisine, which is implemented throughout his restaurant.

Viewers will also learn about Dean’s fork in his career when he was forced to choose between a profession in food or in music. After following his undeniable passion for food, Dean went on to attend the Culinary Institute of America, where he learned how to master a multitude of gourmet cuisines.
As Dean shares how he worked his way up in the restaurant industry from sous chef positions to owning his own restaurant, Dean proves hard work and perseverance really do pay off. Viewers will also learn that he has authored several books and created a line of specialty products to be used at home. Be sure to watch this episode on one of Dallas' most renowned chefs and be inspired to make his love for cooking your own.

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