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Best of Guide TV Host, Nikky Phinyawatana, will draw viewers into this intimate interview with Vikas Khanna, a legendary chef, restaurateur, cookbook writer, filmmaker and humanitarian.
During the episode, viewers will witness the passion that Vikas continues to have for his native India. This James Beard and Michelin Star culinary chef has emerged as a culture icon impacting not only his native homeland but engaging those around the world.

Nikky sat down with Vikas during the Dallas International Film Festival featuring his film, The Last Color. Vikas shared how the film is fictional but based on true events. The film highlights that in a culture bathed in color, old customs required widows to live a colorless life. Through a turn of events, widows were once again able to celebrate Holi, the celebration of colors.

Best of Guide TV viewers - you will not want to miss this episode as Vikas Khanna shares his passion and reminds us that "Talent without hard work and devotion means nothing."

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