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There is a non-profit you will be ecstatic to volunteer at and partner with in the DFW area. Best of Guide TV Host, Jasmine Sadry, sits down with the Founder and Executive Director of Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center, VR Small, who shares with viewers the unknown struggles women veterans overcome when returning to civilian life.
Started in 2015, VR began the Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center in Austin, Texas. As Texas houses the second largest group of businesses owned by women veterans, VR explains how the women needed a program to support their entrepreneurial occupations, sparking VR’s vision of the Enterprise Center.

Viewers will also gain knowledge of Women Veterans Day to be celebrated June 12, 2019. The day commemorates the 1948 Women’s Armed Services Integration Act signed by President Truman. Texas prides itself on being one of four states to recognize Women Veterans Day.

Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center is looking for volunteers, partners, and donations. Be sure to watch this episode and prepare to feel patriotic as you will want to support Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center in aiding our female veterans.

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