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Best of Guide TV, produced by The Time Group, talks story telling with Studio Movie Grill Entertainment Host and Senior Media Manager, Danielle Hawthorne.

Viewers will hear how the mission to "Open hearts and minds one story at a time" compels this company to offer movie enthusiasts the engaging experience of film and food.

Host Jordi Bostock shares with viewers how they can enjoy the ultimate in movie entertainment as Studio Movie Grill offers fresh, delicious entrees and hand-crafted cocktails delivered to your seat. Danielle tells how the in theater dining experience provides the opportunity to experience a great story in community with others.
Studio Movie Grill offers a one-of-a-kind loyalty program where participants not only get points for movies and meals for themselves but also give points earned to a community member in need so they can enjoy a meal and a movie. Studio Movie Grill also offers $5 movies on Tuesday, as well as a subscription program that offers 4 movies a month for one flat fee. Be sure to watch this edition of Best of Guide TV and then gather the family for this summer's best films.

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