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There is a new artist you will adore after discovering what inspires her to create her masterpieces. Best of Guide TV Host, Ron Hall, sits down with Dallas artist, Shayema Rahim, who shares with the viewers her story of immigrating from Bangladesh and her rise to becoming a local favorite of abstract expressionism.

Shayema explains how she launched into the creative world as an art fanatic from childhood. From embroidery to sketching, Shayema grew up around an artistic lifestyle as her mother taught her the basic foundations of art. Shayema also received private art tutoring after her family discovered she had a natural talent toward art and even sent her to art school.

Viewers will empathize with Shayema as she tells her inspirational story of overcoming tragedy and her local advocacy for ending child abuse by volunteering with organizations such as Family Place. Shayema even expresses how art is her savior.
Known for using the medium of encaustic in her paintings, Shayema is praised for her use of colors and is even compared to renowned artist, Helen Frankenthaler, one of Shayema’s many inspirations. Be sure to watch this episode and plan to race to CINQ Art Gallery on Dragon Street where Shayema’s art is showcased.

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