Best of Guide TV Host, Nikky Phinyawatana, shares the secrets of success during this episode with the Founder of La Madeleine, Patrick Esquerre. With over 90 bakeries in the U.S., Mr. Esquerre and his team have learned how to successfully grow while keeping the spirit of La Madeleine in every new restaurant.
La Madeleine continues to have the same business plan they had in the beginning -- to create a traditional French bakery that offers authentic French delicacies in a warm environment that makes people feel good.

Mr. Esquerre shares that building a business that is like a family is the secret to retaining employees. With over 90 bakeries, one-third of the current management began at the bottom and worked their way to the top. They also have associates who have been there for 34 plus years, and now their children work at La Madeleine because it is like a family.

Be sure and watch this endearing episode as you learn that passion for people, love and family are the key ingredients to a successful company.

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