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With new blockbuster hits coming out this summer, there is a way to enjoy the full movie going experience. Best of Guide TV Host, Jordi B, sits down with Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s Creative Director, James Wallace, who shares with the viewers how craft beer and four star food can enhance the magic of movies as they come to life on the big screen.
Opening in Austin over twenty years ago, James describes how Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has not only taken Texas by storm but the entire nation, with forty locations across the country. Movie lovers have fallen in love with Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s pristine service as the staff is trained like ninjas to ensure no one interrupts your movie experience.

Viewers will also learn how Alamo Drafthouse Cinema keeps its movie fanatics coming back as James describes the theater’s fun twist on movie cuisines, incorporating themed menus and movie related feats. James highlights the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings feats as his favorite specialties.

As the first in theater dining company of its kind, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema prides itself on being a home to movie lovers run by movie lovers. Be sure to watch this episode and prepare to enjoy your next movie experience at the closest Alamo Drafthouse Cinema near you.

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