Best of Guide TV, Produced by The Time Group, Highlights Texas Southwestern Cuisine with Renowned Chef, Dean Fearing

Dallas, TX – July 29, 2019 Best of Guide TV, a TG Network streaming TV show, spotlights the “Father of Southwestern Cuisine”, Dean Fearing, who has created the most eloquent cuisine for the DFW area for over 30 years.  Best of Guide TV Host, Nancy Jay, shares with viewers how this master chef took the Dallas restaurant industry by storm creating gourmet dishes that incorporate flavors and spices that are indigenous to Texas. The episode documents Dean’s rise to culinary fame and his current success as the owner and chef of Fearing’s Restaurant, located at The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas. Click for Photos

Growing up in the Eastern Kentucky kitchens of his two grandmothers, whom Mr. Fearing refers to as the “true country cooks”, he learned a love for cooking and for Southern classics.  Mr. Fearing went on to attend the Culinary Institute of America, where he learned how to master a multitude of gourmet cuisines. Building on his fond memories of the food he enjoyed growing up and his culinary training, he was inspired to create the beloved Southwestern entrees guests now enjoy in his restaurant.

“It was all French and Italian cuisine in Dallas,” explains Dean Fearing, Chef and Owner of Fearing’s Restaurant. “I wanted to take products indigenous to Texas and provide a white table cloth restaurant experience which truly transformed the industry. It had never been done before.”

Mr. Fearing proves hard work and perseverance really do pay off as he shares on this episode of Best of Guide TV how he worked his way up in the restaurant industry from sous chef positions to owning his own restaurant. Fearing’s Restaurant turned his vision into a reality as guests can choose between several dining atmospheres including an outdoor seating, a gourmet dining experience and a high energy kitchen environment. “People go to his restaurant because it is his restaurant,” praises Nancy Jay, Best of Guide TV Host. “He is the best of the best—the best chef, the best thing in Dallas, and even in all of Texas.”  Reservations for Fearing’s Restaurant can be made at https://www.fearingsrestaurant.comClick to Watch Episode

Produced by The Time Group, a Dallas based marketing firm, Best of Guide TV presents viewers with the leading entertainment, dining and lifestyle options in Dallas.  Episodes can be viewed at  All episodes will be streamed on all social media platforms including digital publications, created by The Time Group, which will be distributed digitally to over 450,000 residents.  If you have an episode idea to be featured on Best of Guide TV, contact Tammany Stern at 214-727-6325 or at or Margaret McKoin at 817-403-0866 or at

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