Best of Guide – Sunnyland – Episode 2

Just in time for summer, Best of Guide TV Host, Jordi B, introduces viewers to Brad Schweig, VP of Operations for Sunnyland Patio Furniture. Viewers will enjoy this informative episode where Jordi B learns what sets Sunnyland apart from the competition. Brad shares that construction and quality of their outdoor furniture allows customers to comfortably enjoy the great outdoors. He explains the difference in furniture fabric and how their fade resistant fabrics will keep your outdoor living space looking beautiful for years to come. Sunnyland offers both convenience and the ability to customize. Their 37,000 sq. ft. showroom allows customers to select a collection and have the in stock piece delivered to their home. Customers also have the ability to customize pieces including cushion style and size, fabrics, colors and much more. Watch this episode of Best of Guide TV to find out how being the best is more than offering the best product but also creating a family atmosphere within your business and community.


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